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RatedPetNet - Ideal for Pet Breeders
Pet Breeders
Pet Breeders are in an unusual position for a business in that they do not always have animals for sale. Once puppies etc. arrive then advertising has to be arranged for the latest litter.

RatedPetNet can solve this problem for you. You register your business in the normal way, giving details in general about the breeds you have. You will then receive messages from us each time someone is looking for puppies. If you have no litter at the time then these messsages can be temporarily turned off by logging on to the site and choosing that option from the "My Account" pages.

Once a litter is expected you can reverse the process and receive emails again. If you respond to a messages you will receive the email and telephone number of the customer.
Remember there are no upfront charges, no membership fees and just a small flat rate charge for job referrals you select.
Register your business now.
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