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Customer questions & answers
What is the site about? Back to top
Our purpose is quite simple really. We find businesses for you that are:
  • local
  • available and able to meet your requirements
  • rated by their previous customers
The major benefits are:
  • Your peace of mind that comes from being able to see all previous customer ratings before you pick a business
  • You save time and hassle by avoiding directories and endless phonecalls. Just spend a minute posting your job - we do the rest.
  • It rewards and encourages those businesses that provide the very best service
  • Oh... and it's free
How does it work? Back to top
Here's how it works:
  • Step 1 - Post a Job: If you need a service, post your job ad (it's free). We'll contact businesses who may be interested in the work for you.

  • Step 2 - Receive Offers: Those businesses that are interested, available and able to get the job done will let us know. We'll give you each others contact details so you can discuss everything in detail.

  • Step 3 - Make the Choice: Now you can chose which business to employ (there is no obligation of course) based on the ratings from previous customers and the personal contact you have had.

  • Step 4 - Rate the Business: Once the job is done, rate the service you received and help others make an informed choice.

Do I need to register? Back to top
You'll automatically be registered the first time you post a job. From then on you'll be able to see all the details about your job(s) by loging back in using your email address and the password you chose. You'll also need to login if you'd like to post another job onto the site.

I can't login Back to top
To login you need the email address and the password you chose when you posted your first job on the site. If you are having trouble logging in, here are the first three things you should check: If you are still having difficulties please contact us.

What should I include in my description of the service I need? Back to top
Try to be as precise as possible when writing the description of the service you need. Remember you won't need to sift through directories and make endless phonecalls, so spend a minute describing the exact service you need.

Are there any costs? Back to top
RatedPetNet is completely free to use for customers - Enjoy! We may charge businesses a small fee for each tender. However, the use of our site often means that businesses end up spending less on advertising and are therefore able pass these savings onto their customers.

How many tenders will I get? Back to top
You will receive a maxiumum of 4 tenders for each job that you post, but you can stop tenders earlier if you wish.

How long does it take to receive tenders? Back to top
We aim to find businesses for you within a couple of days of you posting the job. In fact we are are often able to find businesses for you within hours of your job appearing on the site.

Why is it better than a personal recommendation? Back to top
We think RatedPetNet is better than a word of mouth recommendation because:
  • You have access to a complete history of ratings for each business.
  • You know the business in question will take extra care that you are happy with their service - every positive rating helps them to grow.
Where can I see previous ratings? Back to top
When a business tenders for your job, we'll let you know by email. You'll then be able to find out all about the business (including all the previous ratings) by logging back into your account.

How do businesses contact me? Back to top
As soon a business tenders for your job, we'll let you know by email. You'll be able to access full business details via the site (by logging in) including ratings by previous users. You can then take up contact using email or telephone. In addition, after sending a tender a business will have access to your telephone number and may decide to call you.

How do the ratings work? Back to top
Customers that employ businesses that they find via RatedPetNet give us an honest opinion of the of the s service they received. These ratings are then made available to the RatedPetNet community, helping us to reward those businesses who do the best work.

How do I rate a business? Back to top
If you employed a business that you found via RatedPetNet, you are able to rate businesses by logging in to "my account" and going to the "my jobs" page. From there you'll be able to rate the business in question. Note that you'll need to stop any further tenders before being able to rate a business.

Why should I rate a business? Back to top
By providing an honest opion about the business you employed, you are helping future users to make a wise choice. This has the added benefit of encouraging businesses to provide the very best service.

How can I contact RatedPetNet? Back to top
If you have any problems using the site, or have any questions about how the site operates simply send us an email to

Business questions & answers
What is the site about? Back to top
Our purpose is quite simple really. We aim to find local customers for you in the most cost effective manner possible. The major benefits are:
  • A good service is rewarded: Your customer feedback is available for all to see. This will help you to grow your business

  • It's Targeted: You only tender for those jobs that are of specific interest to you, saving you time and money.

  • It's Quick & Easy: We'll email you when a job is posted on the site that matches your criteria. You won't waste any time looking through jobs that are not of interest.
How does it work for businesses? Back to top
RatedPetNet makes it easy to grow your business. Here's how it works:
  • Registering: Before you can use the site fully you will need to register - It's free. You'll need to tell us some basic information about you business including where you are located and what services you provide.

  • Job Notifications: Once you have registered and verified your email address, we'll notify you by email about newly posted jobs of interest to you - This is free as well.

  • Tendering: If you decide that you would like to tender for a job on the site, simply click the "Offer your services" link at the bottom of the job description. We charge a small fee for most tenders but some are free. We'll give you the users contact details, and we'll give the user access to your details including previous customer comments.

  • Get Rated: If you win the contract to do the work in question, the customer will give us an honest opinion of your performance once you're finished. Build up your positive ratings and potential customers will be more inclined to employ you and recommend you to others.
How do I join? Back to top
  • Joining couldn't be easier. Simply click here to register. Then just provide us with some details about your business.
How do I contact customers? Back to top
  • If you have already registered, simply click "offer your services" at the bottom of the job description of interest to you. You will need to login and you will be prompted to top-up your account if you have insufficient credit.

  • Once you have tendered for a job the customer will receive the details you entered about your services and your contact details. You will have access to the email and telephone number of the customer so that you can follow up with a telephone call if appropriate.
What are the costs? Back to top
  • Registering an account is free forever

  • We notify you by email about newly posted jobs in your chosen categories of interest for free

  • The cost of tendering for a job on Ratedpetnet varies, and depends, amoung other things, on the category and the location of the work. The cost varies from £1.50 up to £3.00. This is paid using RatedPetNet credit which can be obtained instantaneously by credit or debit card (minimum purchase £10). At the moment we also have special offers available: if you buy £20 of credit you'll get £5 of credit free or buy £40 of credit and you'll get £15 of credit free.

  • Of course, if a customer is happy with your service and wants to use you again s/he can contact you directly and no further payments are made to us.
How do I purchase credit? Back to top
You will automatically be prompted to purchase credit when tendering for a job if your RatedPetNet credit balance is less than the cost of the job. Alternatively you can check your current balance and top up your account by going to the "my credit" section of the "my account" pages.

How do I change the number of job notifications I receive? Back to top
We'll notify you by email when a newly posted event is both in one of your chosen services categories within your catchment area / maximum travelling distance. You can change your settings by logging in and selecting "My Details" to change the distance and "My Notification Settings" to change the services you offer.

Where can I find a receipt for my purchase of credit? Back to top
You can get a printable receipt for your purchase by loging in and clicking the "my credit" link. You'll find a link to the receipt under the "account activity" heading.

I can't login. Back to top
If you are a business and are having trouble logging in, here are the first three thing you should check: If you are still having difficulties please contact us.

I can't purchase credit. Back to top
If you are experiencing difficulties making a purchase using paypal, please check the following points:
  • Ensure that the card details you entered are correct
  • Ensure that the details you entered (name, address, etc) match those that are held by your bank.
  • If possible try using a different credit or debit card
  • Register for a paypal account and purchase credit using the account
  • If all else fails, please contact us and we will arrange for an alternative payment method
How do I know if the work needed is already completed? Back to top
We try our very best to ensure that all the jobs featured on the site are not completed. In particular:
  • We ask customers to inform us if and when they no longer require tenders
  • Jobs stay online for a maximum of 2 weeks - you can be confident jobs are not out of date
Can I see which jobs I have already tendered for? Back to top
Yes. Simply login to your account and click on "My Tenders". You'll be able to see tenders you have made in each of the last 6 months. Also when browsing the current jobs, you'll see a tick next to those jobs you've tendered for already.

How can I ask a customer to rate me? Back to top
From the "my account" > "my tenders" section of the site you can see a list of the tenders made in the last 6 months. You'll find the email addresses of you customers in this section. If you do not receive a rating then you can send the customer a reminder email.

My paypal account isn't working. How can I purchase credit? Back to top
It is not neccessary to have a paypal account in order to purchase credit. Simply click continue where it says "Don't have a paypal account". You will then only need to fill in your payment details to proceed.

I've purchased credit but my credit balance hasn't changed. Back to top
If you purchased credit using a credit or debit card, your RatedPetNet account balance will usually reflect this purchase virtually instantaneously. If this is not the case then the paypal payments system may be under heavy use. Simply log back into your account in a couple of hours and your new credit should be available.

If you purchased credit using a paypal "e-cheque" (a transfer from your bank account) we cannot credit your RatedPetNet balance until the funds have cleared. This usually takes 5 to 7 working days. You will receive a confirmation email from paypal when the funds have cleared, after which your RatedPetNet account will be credited.

How can I contact RatedPetNet? Back to top
If you have a question that is not answered above, or you would like contact us for any other reason, please email us at

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